There is much public agitation and even public support for a higher minimum wage in the U.S. I may think it is a fine idea but there will be the inevitable free-market opposition. You know, government meddling in things it doesn’t understand…like how to build a great business. Look at Walmart! Yeah, just look at it.
Anyway, here’s my proposal: Congress should pre-empt the Supreme Court and just write a new minimum wage law that allows for each state to opt in, or out, of the federal minimum wage. Just like expanded Medicare. Surely some of our most–how can I put this delicately–likely independent-thinking states would opt for no minimum wage at all. There, I said it. Those states would then be free to be re-build America’s industrial work force…by under-bidding Bangladesh as the lowest paying nation on earth. If the spoiled workers in Bangladesh (that have survived the factory fires) are now gonna get $68 US per month to work in factories making our underwear, surely folks in South Carolina or Mississippi or Arkansas could work more for less. Test that legendary American individualism and productivity. Surely we Yanks can make t-shirts for less than $2 each, that’s the outrageous price to get them made in Bangladesh. Let’s give the free market ideal a test run. Let states who want, raise their minimum wage, and let others go naked into the labor marketplace. It wouldn’t quite be as much fun for the New Confederacy as bringing back forced labor (outside of prisons) but it would be closest thing we can get to without being kicked out of the United Nations and black-balled from traveling anywhere but China and Saudi Arabia.
It could be bracing to see what American workers can turn out for, say, $63 per month. Think of the soaring stock market and the housing market in suburban Washington D.C. when this experiment gets going! Our GDP growth would make China’s look like a bad batting average. And the less workers are paid the less trash and greenhouse gases they’ll produce so it could really help the environment. This idea could catch on.
The worst thing that could happen is that everybody with a measurable IQ would move out of the no-minimum wage states…and how bad could that be? Leave more habitat for Bobwhite, copperheads and bobcats.

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One Response to “A MODEST PROPOSAL”

  1. H. Bernard Hartman Says:

    The USA is in free fall. Onward to the doom of the middle class and a liberal education in the USA. Corporate America and its “values” have turned everyone who were once citizens into customers.

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