October 16, 2016

The situation of the current Republican Party in America has been a long time coming.  It’ll be a long going. The fury and frustration so exemplified by some of Trump’s “lock her up” fans will inevitably lead to action by the sort of men just arrested in Kansas for planning to kill off local Somali-born residents. I expect a continuous string of violent incidents from the fringe, gun-toting nationalists who have been promised they will take their country back this election cycle…and then November 9th they will realize it is not their country any more.  Indeed, most households do not own guns in America; yet some households simply own more and more guns.  There are more women than white men in America. The 19th Amendment will not be repealed.  People without white skin are a growing minority in many states.  In California non-Hispanic whites are no longer  a majority.  Too bad the Alt-right can’t accept facts…California has one of the most dynamic economies in the world.  With 5% of the U.S. population is has 20% of the corporate headquarters.  If traditional Republican tax-cut politics were related to reality those corporations should be flocking to low-tax states like Kansas and Mississippi.  Fat chance.

Old-fashioned blue collar jobs are gone and not returning in most instances. Fossil fuels must and will be phased out, Koch Brothers notwithstanding.  Coastal cities will be moved to higher ground when we can no longer afford to re build at sea level after each disaster. Fancy coffee drinks, same sex and mutli-ethnic marriages, non-religious households, fights over corporate greed and its results (Wells Fargo just the latest example) will continue.  All these social trends go against what the alt-right males want for their America.  This Presidential election shows how the Alt-righters are out-numbered and now out-spent by the forces of global capitalism, urban life, international connections and secular civilization.  Gone are the days when white, Protestant, male Americans were in charge of everything. I grew up in that world and thought it normal.  I hadn’t heard a Yiddish word until I went to college. In high school I went with a high school friend to a Catholic mass out of curiosity.  My Methodist parents were not pleased. These days it is mind-boggling to recall that every person on the Senate Committee that okayed putting Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court– thereby dismissing Anita Hill’s testimony– was a white male. That was less than thirty years ago.  No wonder the backward-looking, economically marginal white male in America feels he has lost his country.  Today Clarence Thomas might even lose a mayoral election in Kansas.  Women are now much more likely to be seen as persons not just prey…Trump notwithstanding.


The roots of this 2016 Republican Party go back to Barry Goldwater and his opposition to national civil rights legislation and support of “states’ rights” which always means white people first, corporate greed first if you follow Congressional messaging.  When California wanted tighter restrictions on auto exhaust those same states rights’ folks supported a lawsuit to try to stop such regulation. So it was Goldwater who first gave the Republican Party a big push toward the Old Confederacy where racism seems to grow in the soil like mushrooms, bursting out on the surface when the climate is right.

Nixon then played to that, as did Reagan in his time. Nixon–for all his faults–was more like Kissinger and Bismarck–respectful of wealth and power with little moral judgement about right and wrong.  He signed into law the Endangered Species Act, now totally anathema to anti-federalists who prefer dead wolves to live ones. And he even endorsed the Equal Rights Amendment for Women which got up to 35 states to ratify it, three short of what it needed to join the Constitution.  Two of the Confederate state first approved, then rescinded that approval–Tennessee and Kentucky.  No state in the Deep South ever voted to approve it.  “Don’t say ‘rights’ around here little lady, them’s fightin’ words.” Finally there were only 30 states with unrescinded approval and time ran out. It needed 38 states to approve. Congress was not going to give the amendment another chance.  Finis.

Nixon’s strident anti-communism may have enabled him to make nice with China.  He wasn’t soft on communism. Business then trumped ideology.

Reagan especially solidified the states rights stand within the Republican Party, cut taxes and then weakened any environmental regulations. He was the first to deliberately criticize federal  regulation as an intrusion on real American life.  And he publicly worshipped family values, code for not trusting all those black welfare queens who lived off the sweat of honest hard-working whites. This despite being our first divorced President.  He signaled all the then-conservative ideas with no need to be explicit except for touting tax cuts and the ensuing economic heaven they would bring.  What Reagan and his ilk missed: American was becoming less and less purer white. And it was happening most dramatically in Reagan’s home state of California but nobody could accuse him of being a serious student of history or demographics. While the 1980s Republican Party played to middle class and blue collar whites [remember those Reagan Democrats?], their corporate donors were doing away with factory jobs, hiring more and more non-union Hispanic and immigrant workers and thus firing the Republican base.

“Family Values” ignited the ardor of the fundamentalist, Protestant and conservative Catholics. It heolped them deny their own econmomimc interests on behalf of cutlural ones. The culture wars became as nasty as they had been in the 1960s. Reagan was great at playing his role as a feel good actor in the White House. Yet it was he who first made it respectable to call doctors providing abortions “murderers.”  He did this with some Hollywood timing and phrases.  Anti-abortion violence was born. Timing was perfect and his party got to take credit for the collapse of the Soviet system and Russia’s pull-back from eastern Europe.

The 1990s saw the politician/media-induced panic over urban crime, car-jackings and crack smoking.  This led both parties to endorse harsher laws and punishment.  Three strikes.  Longer sentences. Workfare not welfare. Bigger prisons and even private prisons, a major victory for pro-Republican corporations. War on drugs, another endless war.

It would seem that Bush II was the apotheosis of all the Republican Party had been building toward.  He was avowedly “born again.”  I took it as a cover for his former years as a drunk and druggie.  His followers took it was real and authentic and he certainly didn’t talk like a wealthy Yale graduate, did he?  Well, once elected he did precious little to reassure the born-again voters.  He did very little for the Faith-based initiatives that had looked for huge funnels-loads of federal money to spread their Christian truths.  Frustration spread.

The horrors of 9-11 gave Bush II political cover and sympathy all around.  Then he prosecuted two wars in the Muslim world and spent billions on them.  Believing the only good regulation is no regulation his administration also oversaw one of Wall Street’s periodic and inevitable melt-downs totally screwing huge sectors of the American population and economy.  Neither Bush II nor a newly-elected and cautious first President Obama had the gall or guts to go after anybody important on Wall Street.  All the money and lobbying the financial businesses had put into politics paid off. Bailed out, blamed but never legally liable.  Like gun makers.  More anger and frustration for many Americans.  This when it became clear to even those who don’t “follow politics” that there is an economic double standard in America.  Result: Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street. The federal government continued to prosecute small-time drug dealers and deport hard-working immigrants without papers but the special folks on Wall Street continued to skate freely over the thin ice that makes them so much money.  Some financial regulation did get through Congress under Obama but there were no perp walks for CEOs.  The public was not impressed, it was embittered.

Meanwhile billions were spent monthly on Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  Obama tried to get a big spending bill through Congress to put Americans back to work as unemployment in many states rose well above 10%.  Republicans fought every step of the way and whittled it down in terms of dollars and duration.  Once they got control of the House two years into Obama’s term there was never any hope of more federally subsidized work.  Those unemployed were many of the same people who wanted to take back America, supported the Tea Party, wanted change and honest jobs and see plutocrats suffer. Nobody wanted to hire a 50-something laid off worker.  People involuntarily took themselves out of the work force. “Early retirement.” Little happened for the economic underclasses as the recovery slowly built during Obama’s time. Yet stock prices more than doubled and it became clear that the top 1% were the winners, the rest of us just here to fuel their bonuses. Why ias it that Wall Street sets records under a “socialist Muslim” President.  To be alt-right you gotta be fact free.  More anger and frustration.  Billions continued to go into the wars overseas.

All this while, over more than two decades, right-wing media on radio and Fox News had amplified and then drove the Republican orthodoxy as it became more strident and more radical.  Obama was a Muslim and not even an American.  Obamacare would destroy America.  The government had planned 9-11. Also there was a war on Christmas.  Conspiracies abounded on the Internet and cable channels. A Texas governor actually called out the Texas National Guard to watch over a Pentagon-commanded set of military maneuvers because it might be some kind of federal plot to…take over Texas?

For decades the National Rifle Association drove gun and ammo sales for its clients by warning of the imminent seizing of all private guns by whatever conspirator was handy: a Democratic governor, Obama, the United Nations, Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg, you name it…Americans with guns are more endangered than Christmas or the wolf.  Any gun regulation is a step toward seizing your deer rifle or shotgun for hunting ducks, or target pistol.  If you can’t have an assault rifle or three with an unlimited size of magazine, then you won’t even have a 22. “Good guys with guns…yadda, yadda…”

Which industry has spent more money corrupting American politics so it can kill people with impunity—Big Pharma (how are those opioids doin’ huh?) or the gun industry? At least you can sue the drug makers…can’t even sue the gun makers who want everybody to own an assault rifle or an arsenal, without any background checks on the buyer. We finally got seat belts in cars and planes, try putting current tech safety devices on private guns. Hah.  You can sue a car manufacturr but not the gun guys. They’ve got more immunity than professional sports monopolies.

So that’s how we get to Trump.  A Republican Party that fueled conspiracy theories, federal government hatred, resentment toward any and all non-whites, hatred of socially liberal causes from gay rights to women’s right to an abortion (I have actually heard voters say they will vote from Trump just because he says he opposes abortion, regardless of what he will actually do as President), paranoia about all those Isis fighters landing at LaGuardia or JFK Airport, fear of any immigrant because they have come here to kill you (but don’t try to take any guns away from anybody) and at the same time doing exactly nothing to help those whites who are out of work, out of hope, out of options, out of the big cities and the mainstream and the world of the future.  Take their votes with clever bumper stickers, but don’t spend a dime on them. Keep ’em mad and worried and thinkng about the global conspiracies.  During the Mideast wars the Republican Congress kept trying to hold down spending on the Veterans Administration.  For decades the government tried to deny Agent Orange poisoning.  Then the government tried to downplay PTSD and its long-term damage.  Republicans often led those efforts to cut costs.  Trump still says those with PTSD are just too weak.  From a man who got out of the Vietnam Draft because of “flat feet.”

[There have been many fine essays written on how the clever use of gerrymandering allows the Republican Party to often get far more legislative seats than their popular vote would suggest.  And now it can be seen that has moved the party toward the Alt-right because the candidates in those safely red districts don’t need moderate voters but can still be over-run by a far more right-wing opponent. Thus Repubs have become more intransigent on abortion, same sex marriage, open carry of assault rifles, etc. while the general population moves in the opposite direction. The Republican district-managing has led the party to move away from where those clever leaders thought it should be.  The Repub elite lost control which often happens in large organizations.  See Wells Fargo Bank, Enron, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank.]

Big money has so corrupted American politics, thanks in no small part to Republican refusal to allow any campaign restrictions and a pro-corporate Supreme Court who helped push the gates open wider to dark money and hidden campaign fund.  If you are an ordinary American it is clear that Big Money talks.  That means fewer people trust the process and fewer people trust the “leaders” who take the money.  No wonder Trump’s specious claim that he would self-fund sounded like the bell of populism being run loudly. No wonder the big name Republican pols had almost no influence this entire election process. Almost nobody believes them.

So after decades of being used the Republican base is in revolt and doesn’t trust the elected leadership which has done nothing for them in years.  If only the Republicans had embraced universal health care of some kind.  Let’s remember that they were for it before they were against it because it would give Obama a victory… so they spent millions of dollars and many years trashing healthcare reform.  The US now ranks 50th of all nations in the life expectancy for an average 15 year old male…behind Cuba and Costa Rice and 47 other nations.  This is not due just to guns, or drugs, or drunk drivers…but to an entire laissez faire system of public health and safety.

The Repubs might have supported massive infrastructure spending (all of which would have been done by private corporations); millions of under-employed or unemployed would have had good jobs and some sense of belonging. “That’s the bridge I helped build.” A higher minimum wage would have helped.  We could put fiber optics into every corner of the nation as Eisenhower did with interstate highways.  We could have rebuilt or replaced old schools, taken lead pipes out of Flint, lead paint out of old apartment  buildings, put in high speed rail at least as good as they have in Taiwan and Spain, started to deal with the moves required by high sea levels in Miami, New Orleans, Houston, New York, and dozens of other cities. We could have put solar panels on every parking lot and parking structure in America rather than paving open space with them.  But far better for the Republican Party to oppose anything a black President tries to do because success would make him legitimate and that wouldn’t please our racist voting segment which we need in the South.  So party loyalty trumped national interest every time.  Even the government shut down and the repeated threats of default helped only the Party not even their corporate supporters.  Any wonder why Hillary gets the big bucks now?  The needs of the Republican voters were overlooked for the good of the Party’s anti-Obama stance and the people paid a continuing penalty.  Lousy jobs, low wages,  wars without end.

You want a clear example of what Republican ideology does in the real world, check out Kansas where a fundamentalist governor and a right-wing legislature are in total control.  It is not a pretty picture by almost any measure and the de-regulation has not drawn thousands of promised jobs because who wants to live in a state where schools and law enforcement and safety agencies are all under-funded and wages are low.  When you subtract the ups and downs from fossil fuels you find the healthiest economies are in the blue states.  North Dakota, how’s that oil boom doin’ for ya now? Is “drill, baby, drill” still a viable slogan even in Texas? Does Oklahoma like being the new earthquake capital of the land?  Not many really want their company or home in a lost-cost, de-regulated, low-wage slum regardless of what the Republican Party preaches.

Now the Republican Party is getting its political pay back.  No organization is stable over time…it is always made up of the strengths and weaknesses of those in charge at any given time.  You look at the four horsemen–Trump, Priebus, Ryan and McConnell (or did he slip out of the country quietly?)–is this a group any body would trust to do anything except say “No.”

What’s the the top counts for any organization.  Would the Cubs be wining without a good manager?  Leadership counts.  That’s true of Google, General Motors, Congress, CNN, the Los Angeles Dodgers or your local PTA.  Today’s Republican Party would not be recognized by Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt or Pete McCloskey (for whom I once voted), and now George H. W. Bush says he will vote for Hillary.


October 13, 2016

“She’s the devil,” says Trump.  That should appeal to certain fundamentalist Christians and Isis.  Trump says he would put Hillary and her lawyers in jail.

Then today he said Isis would conquer the U.S. if Hillary becomes President. That’s an even worse threat than what right-wingers said Obamacare would do which is produce death panels. Isis does hate women who have any public image or power,  but…  IF Trump shows up for the Third Reality-TV show with Hillary I hope he’s asked how a volunteer force with no navy, Humvees or air force could invade and then conquer America. But Trump is certainly making Isis look great for their recruiting videos…here’s a man who alleged could be President saying Isis will conquer the biggest, most powerful military on Earth.  I say Isis wouldn’t last a day against the Chicago Police. Doesn’t he really trust all those Second Amendment defenders to defend the Trump casinos? Besides, I’d think Trump alone would scare Isis from our beaches, or airports if they come in via United Airlines.  His fantasies now are so far-fetched they don’t even sound like bad Hollywood action flics.

So we gettin’ the real Trump now. The essence, the boiled down self-referencing, fact-free bloviation.  He and his cohort are going to make much noise about every woman who’s ever accused Bill Clinton of anything sexually questionable. Apparently he will argue it’s Hillary’s fault and she, too, attacked all these victims?  Trump will put these accusers into his public appearances and fly them from place to place.  These accusers will get plenty of time on Fox News.    Meanwhile, more women came forth today with their own stories of being accosted by The Donald.  He seems to have a very aggressive tongue and hands. In this case I favor the Second Amendment.  I think any groped female should have the right to shoot any groper in the balls, point blank. There are many places in this modern economy where eunuchs would make perfect employees, right?

So now we Americans have not only Bill Cosby’s nefarious dealings with women to contemplate, and that French pol who went for the New York hotel worker… but now we’ll get to relive many of Donald and Bill’s doings or alleged doings.  The final Trump public appearances will be all about sexual assault, locker rooms and jailing Hillary.  Isis must be laughing with their puritanical, misogynistic snark.

So Trump is now looking like a horrid mash-up of Frank Sinatra and Pinochet.  Women are objects, opponents are to be locked up. The ego and the id in Donald are out-sized.  Conscience is non-existent.  He has no plan, no strategy, just impulse and anger whenever he is crossed.  This reinforces the fury felt by a fraction of the white male population that is no longer central to the economy, the military, the popular culture or even religion. Think of all those women ministers: disgusting. That didn’t happen in 1928!  Upon learning that women voters favor Hillary strongly over Trump, the Donald’s faithful are now talking a bout trying to repeal the 19th Amendment. It is horrible that men can’t elect the President they want without the little women interfering!

The folks who’ve spent the greatest amount of time studying Trump and then writing about him, agree…Trump will get more unhinged, more angry, more threatening and more destructive as the days dwindle down to Nov. 8.  There is no strategy there is just fury and revenge.  Breitbart made manifest.  Say anything as long as it gets coverage and attention.

If and when Trump loses, the frustration and pent up anger is sure to unleash right-wing violence in ways we can’t yet fathom.

A bullied 7 year old boy. This is the sort of vigilante violence, from kids to grandpas that we can expect now that Trump has made racism the same thing as patriotism, a standard practice among despots the world over and throughout history since the founding of the nation state. Or this Florida cased where white woman went after black kids with a ball bat.



September 28, 2016

Wells Fargo board of directors is actually taking back options given to two execs who oversaw the years of fraudulent account “creation.” Wow!


September 24, 2016

If I were sitting in a room next to Hillary or even one of her minions, advisors or donors…here’s what I might suggest she consider for the Monday evening reality-TV show she is sharing with the Uber-ego.

Donnie, would you bomb Mexico to make them pay for your wall? Would you close the border to all travel?  Would you prevent Mexican-Americans from sending money to Mexico?

If Congress won’t shut down Planned Parenthood would you use the National Guard?

Would you order the DEA to arrest all the people now growing and selling marijuana in states that have legalized it?

Donnie, don’t you think Obama should shoot down all the Russian planes bombing aid convoys in Syria?  Or should we join the Russians in helping Assad put down the revolution?

Donnie, do you even know when Lincoln became the first Republican President?

Which of the first ten constitutional amendments are out-dated and should be repealed?

Donnie, I made my first marriage work, why didn’t you? Or at least the second?

If Congress refuses to approve something very important to make America Great would you declare martial law to get it done?

Is using solar energy or wind energy un-American?

Should we bomb Saudi Arabia to keep them from spreading fundamental Islamic teachings?

If you need prison camps to lock up the undocumented aliens in America, where would you build them?


September 11, 2016

Hillary is getting Trumpeted from the right-wing for saying what is obvious.  And today I got an email from a friend who is touch with three law school classmates who have all gone to the right and insist that Trump will be the right [no pun] President.

Do we have the social and political strength to get through this terrorist induced fantasy land and maintain a bumbling but relatively peaceful democracy?  This is a test of just how exceptional America really is.  We are trying to become a peaceful multi-racial, multi-ethnic, religiously tolerant society of many millions.  There are those who don’t want that to happen and we fight in many ways to stop it.  Who wins?

As long as much of the money produced by our economy flows to the top…as long as portions of white America feel disillusioned, disregarded and distant from future hopes…as long as we spend billions to fight wars all over the Muslim world and nothing to fix our public school and lower college costs…we will have this angry, violent, government-hating right-wing white population that is out of touch with their own country, scientific reality and bitter about people who are different from them but apparently successful.  White used to be the most important privilege in America and allegedly losing that has sparked anger among those who feel like…wait for it…losers.

Here’s my email to my friend about his right-wing lawyers and their take on our world:

It is amazing what smug racist and poverty hating white folks will do to protect their status and wealth in the face of facts…back when it was claimed that Democrats were more liberal on divorce (except those Irish Catholics) and pre-marital sex the Republicans pretended to be a party of “family values”…but divorced Reagan and now twice divorced, Heffner wannabe Donald Trump makes all that family values stuff passe, so now our Repubs have to hate abortion but wink at gun murders (my favorite mental twist of all those required these days to love our American right wing nuts)… and we have to disbelieve climate change (always seems to be just a matter of faith when dealing with science from Darwin to inoculations) while asking the federal government (that we most especially hate) to help rebuild our houses, motels and boat ramps at sea level after each inundation and hurricane.

Oh, and now the Repubs are attacking the Pentagon planners for their desire to prepare naval bases to deal with rising sea levels, all that’s clearly part of some liberal conspiracy, no wonder Trump knows so much more about everything than our stupid generals.

This is a man who finds the U.S. military incompetent while calling for much more military spending and intervention in an aggressive manner whenever he is personally angered or provoked.  Could he actually start a Second Mexican War over his beloved wall?

Good piece in today’s NYT quoting much from the brilliant, prescient Richard Hofstadter  [Paranoid Style by Thomas Edsall] and this piece doesn’t even get into H’s seminal book on Anti-Intellectualism in American Politics, a strong thread going back to Andrew Jackson & all those original, 19th Century homeland security types (only good injun is a dead injun, etc.).

Ex-pat Yankee Dr. Robert Altemeyer did life-long studies of the right-wing authoritarian personality and how it is immune to fact and evidence…they make great dictators, religious fanatics and CEOs…they are right, period, the world must wake up to that fact…there is no mystery that Trump admires Putin, the world’s most powerful dictator at this moment measured in number of lives he can influence with a flick of his wrist…a certain type of great American has always loved the powerful….see Lindbergh and Hitler, Ezra Pound and Mussolini, numerous lefty writers and Stalin. Trump aspires to be the first American dictator. Nixon was shamed out of putting White House security into fancy royalist-style uniforms.  Trump wouldn’t hesitate.


And the Edsall piece today is clear in forecasting the violence and anger that will be unleashed by the angry, paranoid Trumpers if they don’t get their way. Every black Baptist church, gay night club, mosque, polling place not full of white people, taco truck and Planned Parenthood Clinic in America will be a potential target.  Assassinations and attempts by the violent, the unstable, the crazed will go on. More and more guns will be held by an ever-smaller, more socially isolated portion of the white population. I would expect many more attacks and occupations of federal facilities (Malheur redux), esp. in Red States where the local “leaders” will wink at such action to make their own re-elections more certain.  Red State Gov: “I am here to protect you from another federal take-over. We want our land back.”  [Forget that we took it from Native Americans by force with nary a dollar in compensation.] Or in Texas; “We shall secede!”

Sadly we present-day Americans may have lived the last decades of a relatively peaceful political interlude in the U.S. with overt political violence at a minimum since the Vietnam War.


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August 19, 2016

Kansas and four other red states have the slowest growth rate in the nation. Too much budget cutting at state level, too much dependence on fossil fuel exploitation (always an up and down business), too much fantasy economics, too many reasons educated people would rather live somewhere else.  Would anybody smart enough to start a new and successful business voluntarily do it in Oklahoma or Kansas or Wyoming?

These states do have wide open gun laws so maybe they’ll attract all those NRA members feelings abused in coastal blue state enclaves.  Not likely that ammo sales alone will help a state’s economy grow…


August 12, 2016

Is Trump trying to lose?  Or has he lost something mental that would inhibit him from making claims only a small fraction of the population can believe?  Now he’s saying Obama and Hillary Clinton co-founded ISIS.  That’s outside even the most whacko wing-nut conspiracy theories.

It may be he’s calibrating how to make money out of his notoriety after this campaign that’s been over a year long.  Here’s what he said on recent CNBC interview: “I’m a truth teller.  All I do is tell the truth. And if at the end of 90 days I fall short because I’m somewhat politically [incorrect] even though I’m supposed to be the smart one and even though I’m supposed to have a lot of good ideas, it’s OK. You know, I go back to a very good way of life.”

NOVEMBER 9, 2016

August 2, 2016

Trump may be setting the stage for a violent election aftermath like we’ve come to expect in wide swaths of the Southern Hemisphere…but this time right here in America.  In over 200 years of electoral politics we’ve never had post-election violence, people shot at the polls, etc.  These things are quite common in many other countries.  But some bluster from the Trumpists may be bringing it all back home.

He’s already claiming “rigged election” even though there is little evidence anywhere in America of rigged voting in any recent election…it’s been years since the elder Mayor Richard Daley ran Chicago precincts…Little evidence of exists in the U.S, of election tampering besides Republican attempts to disqualify the poor and the unlicensed.  We do have to worry about hacking of all-electronic voting in some states where machines are archaic and easily hacked.  But that’s likely to be done by Russia, and for Trump, right?

We should definitely expect Trump to be filing lots of lawsuits after the election, trying to get the decision into the 4-4 split Supreme Court. (Thanks to Republicans for an incomplete court destined to produce many tie votes). Can Trump manage to get his lawsuits into right-leaning District Courts so if the SCOTUS ties at 4-4, the lower court decision stands?  Can Trump truly precipitate the first constitutional crisis in American history since the Confederacy?  He will if he can find the lawyers to do it for him. We all know how Trump feels about “losers” and bankruptcies and divorces and lawsuits be damned, Trump ain’t never lost nuthin’.  That’s for weaklings.

“Bloodbath” is one word being bandied about by Trumpsters…if Hillary has the gall to claim she won this election.  Fortunately Trump is not a governor and he has no National Guard to call up to back up his words.  It would not be surprising as he continues to froth and make others froth (his crowds are now booing parents of American military!) if there’s some folks incited to try to take violent action and stop the supposed illegal Hillary campaign.   The one Brexit related assassination in England could be an example to the angry right here.  Finally, a chance to cash in on all those Second Amendment truths they take to be self-evident, the guns are for mlitia to resist federal tyranny.  Isn’t that the “reasonsing?”  Trumpsgters will not all go quietly.  After all, the Trumpists must truly believe Hillary is an unindicted felon who should be in prison right?  Rigged system. When things are this illegal it is time to invoke the right to revolt, it will be said. And the Republican “leaders” will follow on, but don’t expect McConnell or Ryan to be in the streets with AK-47s backing up the Trump Troops when push comes to revolt.


July 30, 2016

In this land of money and power merging, where a self-proclaimed billionaire with unlimited talent for bullshit is hoping to become President so he can sell more steaks and t-shirts, where lobbyists often equal political blessings, now we are about to see if the ag biz (butter) has as much clout as the gun industry.  You cannot sue any gun maker no matter what the case no matter how people are killed by a great weapon with a huge clip, firing a round every two seconds.

Can you sue the ag business for polluting ground water that is needed by thousands of other humans for drinking?  Do farms get to flush their toxics into the ground water with impunity?  There is now a clear-cut case in Iowa, Des Moines drinking water comes from rivers full of nitrates…can’t imagine where those come from. It will be adjudicated sometime next year and if the city wins it will–for the first time–be a clear case of forcing big ag to pay its fair share.  Tantamount to having fossil fuel companies help pay for clmate change abatement.


July 21, 2016

Roger, over and out. Roger Ailes may not linger longer at Fox “News.” How this propaganda network will change is still to be determined but analysts say the younger generation of Murdochs are not as rabidly right-wing as Ailes or Murdoch pere.  Apparently Ailes’ departure could lead to the retirement of Bill O’Reilly when his current deal is up.

The throes of change at Fox are a chimera of what’s happening in the Republican Party.  Fox is in a virtual world, while Republican office holders actually go about mucking with people’s lives.  Stopping women from getting abortions; refusing to let same-sex scruples marry; trying to keep dark-skinned citizens from voting; wanting to deport kids who’ve been raised and educated in America; declaring open-carry for guns so that the majority of Americans (who own no gun) must go about worried about their gunnutter neighbors armed with automatic weapons and lots of ammo.

The Fox network has been crucial in spreading the Republican message that America is in decline, that more guns mean more freedom and security, that non-white humans are a danger and are causing the decline with their evil enablers in the liberal Democratic party. So macho is Fox that most American militarty bases find it convenient to show only Fox “News” on their office TV sets.  The Clintons, of course in the Fox political faith, are the spawn of some devil, Obama can’t possibly be an American Christian–look at that skin. And then there all those freedoms we’ve lost since Obama became President, and his secret plan to confiscate all the Republicans’ weapons of mass murder, all those very necessary assault rifles that make America free.  All part of the fact-free faith.

How stark are the changes happening among the angry right white fringe this election season?  Ailes’ career goes back to when he was a media expert on Richard Nixon’s team.  His is a long record of highly sophisticated media manipulation and cynical use of public opinion by targeting “the other.”  Remember Nixon’s courtship of the Neo-Confederacy?  So now a whole generation of right-wing courtiers courting southern racism is passing away.

Now we have the Republicans’ official platform calling for re-regulation of the biggest banks!  That sure smacks of big government if not actual soft-fingered socialistic tendencies.  This is not the same Republican Party and conservative adherents that have depended on older white rural, southern and suburban voters. It is a party in crisis, searching for a way forward.  Senator Cruz sets the tone, very angry and very unwilling to bend.  How many Republican Parties are needed to represent the various faiths involved now? Government haters and anit-federalists, Christian America, anti-feminists, same sex love haters, abortion is murder so first let’s kill all the doctors, overseas interveners because America is always right with its might, various types of race-war promoters and neo-Nazis, rabid de-regulators, corporate capitalists who worship economic growth and just want government to do what they tell it and nothing more, the blamers–of black men shot by cops or people on welfare or people addicted to some prescription med or heroin or some kid whose parents  brought him to America when he has two years old, and even the isolationists who can’t like the interveners.  Naturally the libertarians who prize individual freedom and the Christian crusaders who want all regs to match their own version of the scriptures can’t really even understand one another…oh, it is all so garbled and mad and maddening. No wonder so many nominal Republicans want violent action and radical change.  Just do something already, we don’t care what the consequences are.   These are people who know nothing of the history of revolutions, including recent ones in the Mideast, do not know that most radical changes end up being bad news for a lot of people.  Once set in motion revolutions most often spin out of control.  The United States’ own revolution was a marvelous exception because it was so closely managed by a brilliant and small elite of smart white men when they could easily control most power in an isolated region.  That world is dead.  The recent histories of the 2008 Recession, Brexit, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Myanmar, Columbia, El Salvador, Venezuela, ebola, zika, climate change and regional drought, continued rampant population growth in poor nations–these are the stories that pertain in today’s world.  You bury your head in the sand today and some unregulated triple-trailer truck will run you over on the way to the next profitable cargo stop.

We now see a Republican Party that cannot deal with globalization, the Internet, the young adults moving back from suburbs to central cities, the widespread recognition that we humans are destroying the planet’s livability. How far away from its Eisenhower/Nixon roots this party has gone?  Well, don’t you dare mention that the stock market has been setting records in recent weeks.  Even the anti-government types now have to admit that Reaganomics don’t work and nothing trickles down, it all floats to the top.  It’s the shit floats law of capitalism.  That reminds me, Ailes will leave Fox a very wealthy old man.

What will happen after the election, how Fox changes, how the angry Trumpsters react with their fury and guns when they are denied the revenge they demand–these are all interesting and troubling questions to be answered after the November election.