January 14, 2018

Here’s the study, don’t tell Jeff Sessions, it will break his concrete heart into smithereens.  NOwe if we could just find the sense to control Big Pharma and their opioid cartel…



January 12, 2018

The current U.S. president is so clueless he thinks people might willingly leave Norway for the U.S.  This ain’t 1870, Mr. President.

Today Norway is one of the wealthiest nations on earth.  They use the profits from their state-owned oil company to fund social welfare including healthcare. Everybody has healthcare of high quality.  They spend almost nothing on bombs and drones.  Each citizen has a full life-time pension for retirement or in case of disability.

I know one American woman who moved there with her aged mother and took a permanent job so they could both have health care. I have another friend who’s married to a Swede.  They live here part time, there part-time.  In Sweden they get paid a monthly stipend for each child (they have 3).  Things are not bad in Sweden, but when he travels to Norway the world changes.  Every public facility is well-maintained, every highway feels like it was paved yesterday.  No deferred maintenance.  They know how to use oil money for more than third homes and mega-mansions, their oil money goes for public good.


January 8, 2018

There will be many differing results from the new American incomer tax regime. Tax experts can certainly longer work days and more income in the coming months and into next year.  Change brings uncertainty.  All the loopholes have yet to be explored and exploited.  California and other blue states are plotting their revenge: donations or taxes?

I am no expert but two things occurred to right away: 1) It;s a chance for the T-Rumplicans to diddle with with-holding so the unschooled think they just got a huge raise as Tsar Donald tweeted…not knowing that the bill will come back to bite them long after the 2018 elections.  There is no law requiring that with-holding be fair or honest or even close to what the final bill will be.  Dems are already worried, duh!

2) Did the T-Rumplicans just make Utah a blue state?  All those devout or nominal Mormons do not openly use birth control.  Families there are larger than average for U.S. States show over 3.5 children per household.  Add in two parents (Mormons don’t believe in divorce either) and that gets you to minimum five person per household.  In the old tax regime each was worth $4000 exemption.  The couple got a $12000 deduction.  That’s a total of untaxed income of $32000 for our family of five.  $36000 if there are four kids. The new tax regime clears away all personal exemptions leaving only the $24000 deduction for a married couple.  God help the single parent, whatever the cause (only $12000 deduction even if you have ten kids)!  So our imaginery family of five now has another $8000 worth of taxable income while the family of six has $12000.  Utah is in the top third of household income states but that’s still gonna hurt, just like the anti-blue state cap on deductible state and local taxes.  Is this why Orin Hatch decided to go play golf?


December 24, 2017

A young neo-Nazi has just murdered two Democrats, parents of his girl-friend.  The unarmed parents were murdered in their own home when they ordered the young neo-Nazi out of their daughter’s bedroom.  But at least we now know that an armed 17 year old can defend himself against pushy parents.

A heavy dose of Trumptopia here.  Bet Tsar Donals won’t tweet about this one.


November 20, 2017

Two major European Union agencies have been directed to move their offices out of London.  A drug regulator goes to Brussels, a banking regulatory goes to Paris.  Employees of both agencies can now smile and prepared to leave England, taking their hundreds of professional jobs with them.  Over time this exodus will hit and hurt the London real estate market, both housing and  commercial space.  While Trump is bad for America, he cannot be President forever.  Brexit however, may be a one way dirt road to the cliff’s edge, and then over.


November 16, 2017

Sure enough, the fish always rots from the head, just as political regimes come to reflect the character, or lack thereof, of the most powerful person.  With Trump it is lies and disruption, with PM May in Britain it is solipsism and stubbornness.

Here is historian’s take on the level of corruption in the Trump Syndicate.

Meanwhile, the nation waits to see if the Republican Party triumphs with a new senator apparently guilty of sexual abuse of minors.  This is an even more spectacular test of public morality than placing the sexual harasser, Clarence Thomas, on the Supreme Court where he still sits and snoozes and votes for demolition of  civil rights or any restraints on corporate greed.  Will there be a Senator Roy Moore?  Should Alabama be encouraged to secede, and stay there this time?  Why should anybody be surprised that Alabama is as amoral as Hollywood or Fox News or Congress or women’s gymnastics or any of the myriad venues that have long protected powerful males who abuse less powerful females or children?  Since when did loudly proclaimed Christianity (like Moore’s) actually lead to ethical behavior?  Molesting priests should long ago have shown the shallowness of self-proclaimed religiosity of any kind.


November 8, 2017

A little electoral success for Anti-Trumps.  It may or may not be significant.  It may or may not make the Republicans’ effort at changing the income tax laws easier, harder or impossible.  It certainly portends even more timely retirements of elected Republicans in both houses of Congress.  That may or may not be good news for Democrats.

The Mercer syndicate has been very strongly supporting the Trump syndicate.  Click here for a profile of how the Mercer’s protect their money from taxation.

Can you imagine a man who pretends to know things he doesn’t, claims titles he hasn’t earned, likes squiring around attractive young women, holds clandestine meetings to talk about Russia-linked spying and generally purports to be a figure out of some James Bond novel?  Of course, in this day of alternative facts and bloviating twitterers, such a character is emblematic of at least one major political syndicate.  You guessed it, orange is the new orange, the color of scandal, and now the above described professor has scarpered.  Click here for a real life, shudda-guessed mystery.  Where is he now?

This is not a unique time in American history.  It is just the latest severe crisis in a nation always preparing for wide swings from good times to bad.  Why “now more than ever” is just self-aggrandizing BS in this age in which the U.S. is once again a scourge to civilization…but don’t think this is new.  Genocide of the American Indian over two centuries… The Great Depression…slavery and the need for a civil war to end it…continued racism fostered by white supremacy preachings across the Old Confederacy and wherever like-minded whites gather…the Vietnam War based on lies and hollow political paranoia [did we really imagine Ho Chi Minh attacking Singapore and Melbourne?]…the inability of an atheist to openly run for political office [the last great American taboo]…the lack of a humane medical and eldercare system…the widely-held self-destructive dislike of trains and other mass transit that would ease traffic and greenhouse gas problems…the pathological need for ever more guns and ever more deadly ones with ever larger magazines of ammo to kill ever more people.  That is one kind of inflation the government should be concerned about, but isn’t.  And we have long been a nation of corruption in government and business from Big City machines to the use of federal power or poorly regulated corporations…all invites to do dirty deeds: Teapot Dome, Grant Administration, Iran-Contra, Watergate, Joe McCarthy’s commie-shaming, J. Edgar Hoover’s slimy blackmailing of pols of all stripes and pecadillos while he lived a closeted life, Drexel-Burnham, Enron, Bernie Maddow, Purdue Pharma’s opioids, Big Tobacco, DDT, leaded gasoline, neo-nicotinoids, Franklin Savings & Loan, the 2008 financial meltdown and on and on and on.
Here’s a nice little lecture on not pretending this is such an unusual time in America.

Jared the real estate mogul, son-in-law and princeling, and international affairs genius has problems unrelated to anything Russian.  Were there nefarious doings in Maryland?  Didn’t he know that Maryland is not run by Republicans?

Does our economic system breed the ordinary (made in America) mostly white-male-alienated-violent mass killer?

Is that blood they can smell or just the rotting carcass of a sadly outmoded electoral system that favors gerrymandering and anti-intellectual rural populations who are embittered and economically marginalized?

All I can say for sure: the stock market is no indication of the future health of this nation.  How many Trumpian syncophants will run for the hills, and how soon?  As the indictments accumulate who will stand by the captain as he runs the ship into the iceberg of anger that is now at the heart of American polity…found all across the spectrum of political opinions?


November 7, 2017

Chaos and demolition.  He is adept and successful in spreading both across the U.S. federal government.

Here is outsider’s look at what’s happening to the national government.  Trump is being wildly successful at ending most regulation or enforcement so get ready for dirty air, dirty water and more opioid-like drug deals.  We are now the only nation on Earth that does not want the Paris climate accord adherred to.

Trump’s made the U.S. into a rogue state.

For chaos: look within his own syndicate [i.e. family]: Jared and Junior meeting with Russian contacts in Trump Tower…his first wife claiming she is true first lady…his own inability to remember what he said, or claims to have said, or  even means when asked about any policy, large or small.  For chaos: look at the spate of resignations from within veteran Republican members of Congress…his executive orders that can’t get beyond performance whether it be medical industry, anti-trans in military or immigration…his pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio…his verbal attacks on his own cabinet members…his continued loss of White House staffers from Spicer to Bannon…his inability to stop wanting be like Putin despite all warnings and threats about what it could do to him personally.

His various pathologies are playing out globally but are doing most serious damage (so far) to our own government and national well-being.  We now have a national government run entirely by a power-hungry and greedy cabal that wants only to be in charge and make lots more money.  They pretend they care about the good of the nation and its citizens but given no indication that is true.  Bump-stocks all around and full body armor in church for everyone!  This is Trump and the NRA’s dream state.  Gun sales soar.


October 31, 2017

Reading messages between one of Manafort’s daughters and some of her friends is better than any political soap opera you’ll ever see.  Click here for a fun read.  You will find yourself noddind your head, as in  “Of course, what did I expect?”


October 29, 2017

There are few professions in this country that can limit competition: professional league athletes….and medical doctors.   How does that affect medical costs?  Politico took a look.

Insurance companies, untaxed “not-for-profits,” Big Pharma, and doctors…sooey, plenty of slop in the trough.