May 20, 2018

Click here to read her argument that there has already been a coup in the US and we are ruled by a kleptocracy directed by Putin.

And this was written before we knew Don Jr. was also consorting with Saudi Arabia [in addition to Russia] and the Saudis benefitted as much as Putin from the US backing out of the Iran deal and driving oil prices up.



May 19, 2018

It’ll be good when school is out for the summer.  Maybe the nuts will go back to shooting Congressmen playing softball…

Since we gun-totin’ Yanks ain’t gonna give up our arsenals, how about we make schools more secure?  Razor-wire fences on the perimeter and metal detectors at any entrance.  I know the average income of airline passengers exceeds that of public school students…but don’t you think a six year old deserves as much safety as some hedge fund manager about to drink six cocktails en route from New York to Houston?

I know how to pay for it, too.  No, not another lottery.  A bullet tax…and then let the rumor begin that the liberals want to limit ammo buys and ammo sales will sky-rocket.  Guns don’t kill people,  bullets do. All it would take is one anti-gunner to float the idea once on Sean Hannity’s show…the bullet tax would soon make our schools safer.  We are already taxing cigarettes and sugar drinks because they are killers, time to tax bullets.

And there should be a constitutional amendment that Congress cannot have any better security, or healthcare, than the average public school and its teachers.  The bumper sticker would read: “My kid’s as good as your lobbyist.”


May 19, 2018

Here’s the text of a letter I sent today. Have you ever seen a map of all of Trump’s overseas money interests (the ones we know about)?

May 19, 2018
McMinnville, Oregon


Dear Democratic Party:

I spent four decades in TV news so I know a bit about how to simplify a message that people will remember.  I am writing to urge you to fill the political world with a message the might possibly penetrate the Foxified-truth-resistant shield that surrounds many Trumpophiles…and will simply please the rest of us.  Here it is:

“Donald Trump has bragged that he is king of debt. He’s escaped into bankruptcy so often American banks wouldn’t lend him more money, so he borrowed from Deutsche Bank.  That’s the same Deutsche Bank that’s paid a quarter-billion dollars in fines to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Mr. Trump now owes Deutsche Bank $175 million.   That’s over 2000 times the annual income of the average American family.  How can you trust a politician who owes that much money to a foreign company in trouble with the American government? Can this President make any decision without worrying about his German bankers and his own huge debts?”

Stop being wimps.  A President in debt to overseas bankers who have paid a quarter-billion in fines to the Federal Reserve?  How about publicizing a global map showing where all of Trump’s business interests are?  He’s no more American than Microsoft or Citibank, he’s global.  Say so. He’s also so toxic now that his name is being taken off buildings in places like Panama, an American ally.  Trump’s using the nativist fools just like he is using the fundamentalists. Stop enabling him.

People don’t watch much TV anymore, so put this on billboards and social media.  Use youtube and Facebook and all the tools that Putin’s goons are using.  Might be a laugh to put a few spots on Fox and Sinclair stations, as well.  November is a Trump referendum, are you guys in the game at all?

Harry Fuller

CC: Next Generation America



May 16, 2018

“What men build, in the name of security, is built of straw.”        –Mary Oliver


May 10, 2018

The Donald has just given Vladimir another present.  Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Pact and trying to level sanctions against various and sundry has driven oil prices up.  That makes Vald’s kleptocracy even richer.  Donald is sucha super negotiator, he’s sure to come up with an iron clad promise from Vlad to never, ever again meddle in American politics…once Donald has secured his second term with whatever help he can get from all his various supporters globally,


May 5, 2018

Rudy never got far in his attempts to become President. And then he bloviated for The Donald, and then Rudy failed to become Secretary of State.  He failed to become Attorney General. He even failed to become Head of Homeland Security, or Ambassador to Italy.  So now he’s a lawyer in Donald’s hire, did he do all this blather about the $130,000 payment to Stormy…to get revenge?  Nothing he has said or hinted holds the least risk for Rudy…but for The Donald, for Cohen, for Davison who pretended to be representing Stormy…oh, that is another matter altogether.


April 15, 2018

I thought the George W. Bush Administration was as incompetent as you could get: all those invisible weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…”way-to-go Brownie” as Katrina inundated New Orleans…the prescient deregulation of Wall Street in time to trigger a major recession just before leaving office…all high level achievements rich in unique political texture and reverb.

But we are now victims of a criminal syndicate that changes direction every few tweets, that no longer even tries to sound truthful and for whom survival and revenge are the daily diet of activity. Kakistocracy. After a decade of Republicans in state governments and the Congress pretending that less government spending is tantamount to holiness, they pass a huge deficit-increasing spending bill. Now the boss wants to take out some of that spending.

The syndicate boss first hates the PTT, now thinks he wants to get back in.

That same boss loves fellow syndicate head, Vald the Putin, yet finds himself needing to oppose same Putin in Syria because our national interests there are…what? Being tougher on chemical warfare than Obama? We’re gonna pull out our troops but feel free to bomb Syria whenever the boss gets upset? That’s good news for American soldiers and makes great TV which is high on the obsession list of the boss.

That same impulsive boss, who apparently reads nothing longer than a tweet or a screen headline on Fox News, is now monkeying with the international economy. He has never really had a truly profitable company with shareholders and a stock on the NYSE, so he may not realize what the stock market does and how it indicates overall corporate activity. Does he have any idea what a soybean or a caburetor is? Does he grasp the complexity of a modern industrial supply chain? Has he ever looked at the “Made in…” tag on all the products he and beloved First Daughter, peddle? Does he realize that the same Amazon he attacks all the time sells Ivanka Trump fashion and cosmetic products? Would any sycophant left in the White House dare point that out to him? I must admit that Amazon has ways of getting revenge. I just searched “Trump steaks” on their website. No Trump steaks to be found…but did find Trump for President t-shirts…and the very next product “Bull Shit Steak Sauce.” Some algorithm genius at Amazon is having a little private joke at the big boss’s expense and I suspect the Amazon boss could care less. The greater Amazon revenge is that Bezos could buy all the Kushner-Trump real estate debt and buildings, shut them down and take a little tax write-off for the next few years.

One recent report indicates that people working in the White House are afraid they might be duped into some criminal conspiracy. If there is ever a President Pence he is going to be chary with pardons because he will want to reinforce his highly polished image as a straight-arrow Christian, no pee tapes or pussy grabbing in his administration. Probably no pardons for those have drunk the Trump branded kool-aid. So far better to leave or plead guilty right away when the boss can still do you favors. We seem headed for the final, the ultimate Trumpian bankruptcy. It’s not just the brand and the money that are headed for the sewer treatment plant, it is the power of his Presidency.

My take on Paul Ryan is that he is leaving before there is a chance of an impeachment action in the House so he can be resurrected (that’s how those Christians see themselves I aver) as the voice of the loyal but honest Republican wing of the party. “I did my best and I so sorry that the boss did all those terrible things and then lied about it. I had no idea…”


April 11, 2018

Today, April 11, the tweeter-in-chief, who also happens to double as the U.S. supreme military commander, threatened/alerted/warned Russia…here come the missiles in Syria.  If any Democrat had ever been stupid or attention-deprived enough to send such a message, the cries of “treason” would be 24-7 on Fox News.  If Trump hasn’t earned the right to build his tower in Moscow by now, then I think he may be out of negotiating options on that world’s greatest development plan.


April 5, 2018

There is a very clear and thoughtful description of why Trump continues to attack Bezos and Amazon…the Donald hates the Washington Post.


March 24, 2018

March 24, 2018

My wife and I went on the local March For Our Lives here in McMinnville, OR, this morning.  Several hundred people showed up in the rain and we wound through the center of town.  Numerous passing cars honked in support.  Two six-wheel pick-ups with fat white guys inside, flying the flag and big NRA banners, drove by.  They gave us the thumbs down.  No shots were fired.  It is tragic that flying the Stars and Stripes has now become a threat and a symbol of bigotry and violence.

b-frnka-lincIn passing the marchers glanced at Abe Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin.  One marcher mused, “I wonder what Ben Franklin could say if he could see this?”

Private property…is the creature of society and is subject to the calls of that society even to the last farthing.  –Franklin

A house divided against itself cannot stand.  –Lincoln

There was never a good war, or a bad peace.  –Franklin

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.  –Lincoln

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.  –Franklin

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.  –Lincoln

Interlocuter after Constitution drafted: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
Franklin: “A Republicif you can keep it.”

I wish this young generation of idealists and protestors the best.  They are up against a system at least as powerful and corrupt as the one that promulgated the Vietnam War. That was supposed to protect freedom from the communist threat, something about dominoes falling before dominos was just bad pizza.  Tens of thousands of people died in that war, some of them Americans.  Now you can buy underwear made in Vietnam, and those deaths were for what?

Right now trying to go against the American gun culture, the profitable gun and ammo business and their vocal lobbyist (the NRA), the reformers will have to expose, fight, out-smart and maybe even out-spend the gunners.  The gun culture in this land goes back to the 17th Century and the beginning of the genocide of Native Americans.  The shooter at Parkland High School came from a gunless family but he was in ROTC from age 11. That gun training was paid for with tax dollars.  Thanks to us.  For a portion of American males their manhood is closely linked to the caliber and penetration power of their guns. There are companies that make money selling guns and ammo, and if effective marketing requires political paranoia and race hatred, then that’s just business.  They are legally spared ever having to take responsibility for what those guns and that ammo does when loose in the population. So this nation is a leader in gun violence if you realize we have no openly admitted warfare taking place. Take the land from the Indians, sell more guns to the white man.  Progress can seem so slow…

Profit is destroying the planet and the best hope for other life on earth may be the extinction of our species.  People as a group seem unable to project into the future or control our collective greed.  The drive for profit is destroying the climate, oceans, land environment and over-populating the planet. In some nations birth control is still illegal.  Coupled with tribalism and the suppression of women, the earth is now in the grip of a toxic stew that threatens more wars, more fanaticisms and ever more destruction of our fragile blue marble.  Corporate and private profit now control most human activity.  The influence of the moneyed class spreads from financial centers all over the globe: Amsterdam, Brussels, Calcutta, Doha, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Zurich.  Several small countries now subsist on laundered money and the banks providing the service…from Monaco to Bahamas. Ships that are often uninspected register in Liberia so they can’t be forced to comply with safety regulations elsewhere.  While some billionaires try to do good in the world, the money system now dominates politics, environment, technology and life in all its aspects. The long term effects of neonicotinoids, plastic particles at sea, Twitter and Facebook, CO2 in the atmosphere, chemicals in the water, fertilizers leached from fields, antibiotics in rivers and in fish—none of this can be allowed to interfere with the all-important drive to make more and more money and let future generations clean up the mess.  The tin miners in Cornwall, the mad hatters with their mercury poisoning, the lead pipes in city plumbing, the endless string of self-inflicted deaths and destruction that business has perpetrated in past centuries—those can be excused by what was once ignorance, coupled with arrogance.  Now we have no excuses, just greed.  We know that long-term effects of new chemicals and products cannot be determined by simple lab tests.  And we know that corporations are driven to lie to insure the bottom line.  Yet people and their largely unregulated organizations go on trashing the world around us. “Where have all the flowers gone?”

SCOTUS has made two rulings that have undermined the future of the U. S.  They ruled that money is speech, meaning those with billions of dollars can buy more political attention and obeisance than any mere voter or group of voters.  SCOTUS ruled that corporations are persons, giving a profit-driven organization the same rights as a blood and muscle creature.  At the same time, the very nature of a corporation makes it immune to many of the limits that pertain to people.  Corporations do not have to die.  Corporations cannot be thrown into prison for deliberately stealing or killing people.  Wells Fargo stole millions from its customers.  Bernie Maddow is in the can but Wells Fargo’s still a free ranging bank.  So Purdue Pharma and their ilk invent new pain-killers that are also killers, lie about their addictiveness, corrupt the medical treatment system, make billions, kill thousands and walk away with the profits.  No drug company goes to prison. The drug companies and their medical shills are still in business.  If you or I had done anything nearly that egregious we’d be in prison if caught.

Go get ‘em Parkland students and your cohort!   My generation bequeaths you an earth in sad need of care and nurturing.  May you put us all to shame.IMG_0261IMG_0265IMG_0286