March 9, 2018

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”   –Pogo aided by Walt Kelly

Has our species out-paced its ability to survive on this delicate planet?  Is our tech beyond our ability to adjust and control?

Scientists are calling for serious effort to study fake news and find out why it gets so much more popularity in social media than real news.
I can posit one reason: fiction can be made far more compelling and unusual than mere reality.  Lies can be so wonderful to believe, e.g. Trumptopian campaign promises that have no chance in real world.  Mexico will pay…

A oong-time friend and correspondent…we go back to elementary school…had seen the same article and sent this email as comment:
“…brings me to, once again, quote Jonathan Haidt – “We are playing beyond our design limits.”  If you need something to read, see his book:  “The Righteous Mind – Why good people are divided by politics and religion.”  It is a nice explanation as to how humans evolved as social creatures, and how we are now attempting to maintain a social order that goes beyond our evolved state.”



March 9, 2018


We hairless primates now find ourselves flying into the latest iteration of Cloud Cuckoo Land.  We have steel and aluminum tariffs to make America great again.  Most economic observers, pundits and advisors have warned Donald the First against such tariffs.  No doubt their warnings of financial disaster are not going to come true.  Besides Donald is a stable genius. Further, his loyalists—the only people he cares about—are not going to believe any economic stats anyway.  By now Donald would have won at least two Nobel Prizes in economics had not his earlier life been mostly dedicated to the perfection of his multiple bankruptcy technique.  The man is a self-proclaimed master of debt.

Meanwhile, Donald may begin to spend less time in the Oval Office and more time worrying about his original Trump Empire.  His debt and money-laundering syndicate is falling on hard times.  To have your name chiseled from a building in Panama City…how pathetic can you get?  And to have to rent thousands of square feet of office space in Trump Tower for a non-existent campaign operation…even more pathetic.  We hear from real estate experts in New York City that nobody wants to rent in Trump Tower…duh.

And this whole Stormy story…first there was no affair.  Period.  Lies from liars. Then Donald’s personal lawyer pays Stormy $130,000 to keep quiet. Through a shell company created for this express purpose. Those pictures of smiling Donald and Stormy…photoshopped?  Dirty tricks from the Clinton Syndicate? Now we see a hush agreement that does not have Donald’s signature, nor that of his alias in the case, which is all lies anyway right?  Yet the agreement requires Stormy to relinquish any emails, photos, video or other evidence she may possess of the affair that never happened.  Just being extra careful about perfidious non-facts that could be ginned up, right?  Now Donald’s personal lawyer gets a restraining order to continue to keep Stormy quiet about the affair that never happened.  Stormy’s lawsuit claims the hush agreement is invalid as neither Donald nor his alias ever signed it.  And here it gets mind-bendingly irrational.  Donald’s lawyer claimed he signed the agreement under Donald’s presumed authority.  If so how could Donald not know about it?  Yet the White House claims Donald had nothing to do with this.  So was Donald’s lawyer faking permission to sign for Donald? No wonder Sarah H. Sanders couldn’t keep her stories straight before the nattering nabobs of the press…who could possibly maintain a clear story about this tangled web of uncertainty.  Oh, and why would a lawyer, of any ilk, pay $130,000 of his own money to quiet a bunch of lies?  Does he honor, fear, love or simply worship the Donald…or is there another source of cash flow?  Putin? Some offshore godfather of whom we have not yet heard?  Finally, why not let her talk and then say she’s a bimbo…or worse?  Nobody still believes Donald is 1) straight-laced Christian,  2) loyal husband, or  3) resistant to sexual temptation.  Wouldn’t it be more in character for him to simply tweet that she was terrible in bed, a sad case, but as an older man he had to try educate her about technique…and then laugh it off?  Unlike so many victims from Cosby to Weinstein to the Donald she does not claim she was forced….  Could she possible know stuff that pertains to money or Putin or offshore properties or…? I hope she has good security and knows not to go near any nerve agents or other agents from Putinstan.

The finest part of all this buzzing: it keeps Donald in the center of attention and garner shim almost unlimited media coverage.  His reality TV show is the most compelling one ever produced…and nobody can imagine how this second season will end…not even Donald himself.  And Mueller ain’t talkin’…

Lastly, try to follow “ Mother Jones” and other investigative groups trying to unravel the Russia to NRA trails.  They’re gunning for the NRA’s alleged pro-America propaganda and funding.


March 8, 2018

Click here for story by reporter who goes back to the print era, unplugging from 2018.


March 8, 2018

Click here for story by reporter who goes back to the print era, unplugging from 2018.


March 2, 2018

It is ironic that the NRA strongly supported candidate Donald T-Rump, and he them…until now.  Just this week T-Rump began throwing around gun control ideas, some seemed almost rational considering the source.  So their guy turns on the NRA?  Don’t get too excited, T-Rump will change his mind,and the Republicans in Congress won’t.  Any new gun laws will have to come from states.

Further irony.  T-Rump has not only apparently muddled views on more or less guns and who could or should get them and whether cops need to obey the law in seizing guns…watch out, Prez is coming for your guns…so the hated moderate int he White House (Obama) has now been replace a man the NRA loves, and who loves them back, he swears, and yet he wants the police to come for the guns…

But there deeper, more painful irony, yet…having helped elect a presumably NRA lover, the NRA can no longer use (until this week) the paranoid panic that the Prez is coming for your guns…so their sales and profits are tanking.  Beware of what you want…an industry that preys on white fright, paranoia, muddle-headed patriotism and righting for allegedly personal freedoms, now finds itself with a friendly federal government and so the white-wing of American society no longer needs to buy three more AR15s per household…end of sales boom (click here to revel in sad gun sales report).  Bring back Obama, save the gun industry!


February 28, 2018

Here a piece by somebody under 40 years of age who thinks tech is regressive.

Here is a strong sample paragraph: “Techno-bedsits aren’t an innovation. They are regression. An innovation is something new, untried, unseen. ‘Communal living’ is old. It’s something that’s recurred in every dismal, backwards age in modern history — and in that way, it’s a tiny example of a larger trend. Silicon Valley isn’t really innovating. It’s reinventing the past — right back to the ages of masters and servant, lords and serfs, peasants and nobles.”


February 22, 2018

Sadly for many in the white-wing of American politics the right to life ends with birth.  They hate abortion but then the right to own any gun any time with unlimited ammo dominates.  Forget that silly old “right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

Hell, without our precious Second Amendment and millions of AR15s we would be just like those famous hell-holes that regulate guns: Canada, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland…canada guns

And why are AR15s and other assault weapons so good at killing people? Let a doctor explain, click here.

My friend, Ed Casaccia had this to say on his facebook page: “I would like to politely suggest that the Republican party and the National Rifle Association take their “thoughts and prayers” for the families of those who were mowed down by gunfire in Florida today and stuff them up their collective asses.

“You are evil.

“You have obstructed every attempt to do something about the plague of gun violence in this country for DECADES.

“You have told brazen lies about more guns causing more safety. This has been demonstrated to be an untruth by looking at localities that require gun ownership and doing a body count. Math doesn’t lie, even if you never made it through the multiplication table.

“Each and every one of you who practices and defends what is disgustingly referred to as “gun culture” have more blood on your hands tonight. If you are “pro gun” you share in the responsibility for what happened today because you have been voting to prevent a solution for DECADES.

“Rick Scott, for the useless gesture of flying flags at half staff, there is a spot reserved for you in Malebolge, Dante’s eighth circle of Hell, and the destination of you and all other hypocrites.

“For each of the kids who will never see graduation, perhaps never know love, for each family that will have an empty chair every Thanksgiving and Christmas, for every teacher who died while working for subsistence wages because you vote against raising the money to pay them properly, you have a date in Judecca, the innermost section of Dante’s ninth circle, at the bottom of the abyss.

“You have earned it.”

Then I posted my response on Ed’s facebook page:


We in the U.S. are suffering through a simmering, sporadic civil war.  It is the angry isolated male versus civil society.  It is the angry, bitter, self-righteous avenger, nearly always a man, killing our fellow Americans with military caliber weapons.   These attacks are domestic terror.  You have only to see and hear the high students from Parkland to know how terrorized they and their families and their teachers and their extended community is.  You have only to listen to Gabby Giffords or the survivors from Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook or Columbine or San Bernadino or Las Vegas or Fort Hood…or any of the nearly endless list of modern-day mass killings to know what domestic terror is.

The catalog of social and business and political fallacies these continued mass killings uncover is also lengthy.  First and foremost we allow almost any man 18 or older to buy almost any weapon and any amount of magazines and man-killing ammo he wants.  Very few nations in the world allow that.  None of the nations you or I would ever move to would allow that. The US could track multiple gun buys or massing of ammo, but we don’t.  We could monitor social media for anybody proclaiming the intention to be a school shooter.  We can’t even do that.  Is gun ownership even part of the questioning when there is a mental health intervention? In the US the federal government cannot even research how to stop gun violence.  It is as if tobacco managed to stop research on lung cancer or Detroit got research into seat belts banned.  Absurd.

Next, there is in this nation now a toxic stew of First and Second Amendment interpretations that are perilous to the health and future of this nation.  The NRA has bullied white-wing politicians into accepting their interpretation that the right to bear arms means any gun, anywhere at anytime with as much ammo as you want.  Thomas Jefferson would be puking at the high schoolers’ funerals if he came back to see what we’ve done with the Bill of Rights.  First Amendment?  We basically allow almost any lie, canard, phoney video, slander or conspiracy madness to have worldwide circulation through the Internet that I and other naive fools once imagined could be used for the betterment of civilization.  I think the current state of the world, with phoney youtube and twitter and facebook content, proves that nothing is so well designed that it cannot be turned to evil and terrorism.  We can’t even find a way to keep Isis from recruiting via the Internet.  As a journalist I spent my life working under the protection of the First Amendment.  Does that give me or anybody the right to use that freedom to incite violence, hatred, bigotry and racism?

Gun makers are now suffering an economic crisis because pro-gun Trump makes their gun seizure paranoia campaign less believable so their sales are falling. The industry should be nationalized and rationalized.  Why should anybody make a profit from making deadly products and then marketing them with lies?  I know we allow the opioid makers to laugh all the way to Bermuda with their deadly profits.   It ain’t just here in ‘Merica…VW sold polluting cars as clean, banks all over the world have been too happy to help Russian mafia launder money, Chinese firms put all kinds of toxic crap into the products they sell because the “market demands it”…fossil fuel companies are rushing the earth into an extinction crisis.  Get the money now, before everybody dies.  Even if we solve the American gun madness over time, the planet itself is in danger of continued mass dying.  And mega-corps keep raking in the dough by selling products that make it worse from coal to plastic to paint remover.

I hope the Florida kids and their age cohort have the stamina and anger for this fight.  I was a draft dodger in 1968 because I knew the Vietnam War was immoral, stupid and destructive.  Yet all the protests and refusals didn’t stop it for another six years!  Good luck kids, you are up against racism, wealth and entrenched male violence.

I am not the only person who thinks these shootings are terrorism.  Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado, click here.  They don’t get labelled as such when the gunman is a white male.


February 17, 2018

Here’s tragic tale of one undocumented young woman’s life in America.


February 17, 2018

Lawrence O’Donnell lays out his speculations about how Trump may be beholding to Putin’s spy syndicate.  If this is true we will never see this President admit that Russia interfered with American election.


February 14, 2018

For the continued epidemic of mass shootings in this NRA nation where almost anybody can get military weapons that fire dozens of rounds without reloading and stockpile as many weapons and as much deadly ammo as they can afford.

When will somebody finally recognize this is an undeclared American civil war– our gun-toting sub-culture of violent, alienated, embittered males versus everybody else?